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4910LR Driver’s License Reader

L-TRON Drivers License Reader Model Number 4910LR-152-Data-Sheet2

Microphone-Style 2D Imager
 Microphone-style Mount
 TraCS Compatible Imaging Firmware
 Coiled USB Interface Cable
 Native USB HID, USB Keyboard or USB Com Port Drivers
 Microphone Hang Up Clip
The 4910LR is purpose-built for Law Enforcement eCitation and incident reporting.
Officers are able to get off the curb and back on patrol faster – to continue keeping
your community safe.
The 4910LR is purpose built for Law Enforcement’s eCitation, crash and incident
reporting needs.

Safe & Secure Mounting:
Utilizes a traditional spring-mounted microphone
mounting clip and hanger. Designed
to store safely and securely in the mobile
environment when not in use.
 Ergonomic Design:
Comfortable, easy-to-use, and purpose-built,
with a rugged, intuitive design.

Software Compatibility:
Out-of-the-box compatibility for data collection,
as well as image and signature capture
in TraCS 7.3, TraCS 10, MOVE, eCWS, E-TIX,
SECTOR, and KYOPS. Can be configured to
work with most public and private software
applications and is certified by 20+
independent software vendors.

High Visibility Green LED Aimer:
High visibility scanner light allows for quick
scannning in both bright light and
completely dark environments

Honeywell’s EasyDL™:
Optional scanning software plug-in parses
barcode data found on driver’s licenses to
deliver ready-to-use information to the host
 Multi-Interface Design:
Supports all popular interfaces in one device:
– USB Com Port
– USB HID Keyboard
– RS232 Serial
– Keyboard Wedge
 Adaptus® 6.0:
Powered by the Honeywell Vuquest® nextgeneration
area imager with TraCS advanced
imaging and decoding firmware. Snappy
response to even the poorest grade barcodes.
 Microsoft WHQL Certified Driver:
Windows Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL)
certified CDC ACM USB Com Port driver .
– Silent Install
– Forced Com Ports
– Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit)
– Windows 10
– Windows 8.1
Read a driver’s license barcode instantly. Complete a Traffic Citation in 2-3 minutes.
Fast scanning in all lighting conditions. Scans and reads damaged barcodes.
Officers spend less time on the curb and can get back into their vehicles faster.
Auto Populate Forms
Scan DMV approved vehicle registration and driver’s license barcodes to auto
populate your form fields.
 Out of the box ready