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About Us

Company Profile

Grants & Technology Veterans, LLC is Veteran owned by a Veteran from the Vietnam War era.

Our Mission

Grants & Technology Veterans is committed to identifying and providing the finest technology, support and service solutions for all of our customers. GTV works with the end user to ensure the best overall plan to accomplish the stated requirements. From design through implementation and service after the sale, GTV will provide all aspects of the job requirements and insure that the job is done right the first time

Our Services


Grants & Technology Veterans (GTV) is a leading provider of Public Safety Rugged Mobility Solutions. We offer solutions to Public Safety Departments they can rely on for Mission Critical Operations. Our solutions also work for any Government or Enterprise customer that require rugged specifications for equipment based on their unique environment.

Our equipment and services include the following areas of expertise:

  • Ruggedized Mobile Computers (Laptops/Tablets) Solutions for Public Safety, Government, and Enterprise Applications
  • Ruggedized In-Car Video Solutions
  • Ruggedized Body Camera Solutions
  • Rugged Router/Modem Solutions for Vehicle Applications
  • Non-Rugged Router/Modem Solutions for Failover, Edge Routing, and Out of Band Management.
  • Rugged Antennas (Cellular/GPS/WiFi) for Vehicle Applications
  • Building Antennas (Cellular/GPS/WiFi) for Router/Modem Solutions
    CJIS Compliant Encryption and Advanced Authentication Solutions for Public Safety
  • Onsite Vehicle Installation Services
  • Managed Services for Deployment, Disk Image Management, Support, etc.
  • Lease Management Services
  • Mobile GPS tracking solutions for law enforcement and government fleets
  • Desktop, laptop and workstation computers and peripherals
  • Networking equipment including routers, switches, and firewalls
  • Network Design & Implementation (Wireless, Wired) LAN/WAN Communications –Video
  • Solutions for: Video Conferencing – Distance learning – Telemedicine – Video
  • Security Hardware and Software Solutions
  • Maintenance Agreements and Warranty Services and Repair
  • Grants

In addition to technology & integration of high tech equipment, we also research grants. Our clients will be Public Safety entities and will work directly with our Panasonic Grant specialist. We will look for grants from state or federal government sources.